A biography is a detailed account or narration of one’s life and the times. It is published in the form of essay or book or it may be made into movies. One common type of biography is an autobiography that means self-biography and refers to the biography of a person’s life written or narrated by him or herself. A biography is not only the detailed facts and events related to the person’s life including education, work, relationships, and death), but also it talks about the subject’s experience include and opinion about those events.

A biography covers the various aspect related to the person’s life. The biographical works are non-fiction, but it can be highlighted by adding fiction for the portrayal of person’s life. The in depth coverage of biography is termed as legacy writing. In fact, biography encompasses the entire genre that comprise of literature, movies and other forms of media. It is not simply curriculum vitae (résumé) and on the contrary it highlights the subject’s story, by covering various aspects of his or her life. It also includes the intimate details of the experiences. It may also include the analysis of the personality of the subject.

BiographyThe basic details included in the person’s biography comprises of the following main points.

Major events of life

Lifetime accomplishments

Date and place of birth and death

Family information

Effects/impact on society

Historical significance

The information presented here is necessary for the project however it should be presented in a lucid and interesting way so as to engage the reader. You have to go deeper into the life and profile of the person to know in and out his personality and existence. In order to begin writing a biography of a celebrity, you should write by keeping in the mind the perspective of the readers. Your reader should not get bored by the mere presentation of boring facts. You should aim to impress your readers.

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