Alexander the great was born into the family of King Phillip II and Olympias in 356 B.C.E. at Pella in Macedonia. His mother was a spiritual woman that makes her son to be aware that he originated from Achilles and Hercules. At the early days of his life, he was trained for taken control and regal glory. Alexander the great became the target to be a mighty ruler. At the age of thirteen, Alexander the great register as a student under Aristotle who was a great philosopher. This made Alexander the great have a great passion for philosophy, science and medicine.

The principle of Aristotle in coordinating the state with small city does not satisfy Alexander the great because Alexander has a natural interest as a prince to control the whole world but Aristotle tried all he could to teach Alexander how to read and learn. When Alexander the great was sixteen and his father was not around, he went to Macedonia to fight against Thracian rebellion. When Alexander the great got to Macedonia, he fought and won. He then names the place after his name as Alexandroupolis.Alexander The Great

Alexander the great mount the throne of Macedonia at the age of 20 years when Phillip was killed in 336 B.C.E. when he was on the throne, in 2 years he started making his campaign on how to gain control over the country. He prepared his army of about 30,000 foot soldiers and along with 5000 cavalreymen which are small in number but they are highly doing well without wasting time. He also selected engineers, architects, historians, surveyors and scientists.

His first outing after ascending the throne was waging war against the Persians during the old Turkey at Granicus River. During this war, the Persians and western Asia Minor were conquered. Alexander the great second engagement was on autumn period which was also war against the Persians at Issus, the South Eastern corner in Asia Minor. The king of Persians, Darius III gathered about 500,000 army to destroy the Greek but Alexander the great was able to conquer them despite the fat that they were more in number when compared to the army of Alexander.

At this time, Alexander the great has subdued the south and Mediterranean coast except the island city of Tyre. Alexander the great started a military operation in which he set an army in order to try and capture them by surrounding them and stop the food supply to the island city of Tyre. All these siege was on for seven months and the island city of Tyre was absolutely captures and destroyed in July 332 B.C.E

Alexander also subdued Gaza. The Egyptian was so happy to hear the news that their rulers (Persian) have been destroyed and for this reason, they accepted Alexander being their Messiah. Alexander then moved to the North east through Palestine along the Tigris River and subdued them. Alexander fought with the Persian again in 331 B.C.E for the third time and won. Darius King of Persians was confronted and killed by his people. Shortly Alexander overthrows the Persian capital which was at Babylon and burnt their strong palace which was at Xerxes.

Alexander then moved ahead to Indian Monarch Porus, who has 25,000 men with 200 elephants. Alexander fought with him and subdue Porus and Porus turned to a country that will always be in support to them whenever the need arise.

Alexander was able to gain control over many countries within 8 years of his campaign. Alexander was so anxious to move to western sides but his army were so tired and started suggesting of going back home but Alexander was not too happy with there wish.

In June 332 B.C.E Alexander died of malarial fever at the age of 32 years and 8 months. Alexander the great was a man that could not be defeated by any man except malarial fever.