Aamir Khan was born on the 14th March, 1965 in Mumbai to the family of Tahir and Zeenat Hussain. His other siblings are Faisal, Farhat and Mikhat. Just like almost everyone in their family, he took after his father by picking interest in film world. His actual mentor is Mansoir Khans’s Qayamat se Qayamat Tak.

The real origin of Aamir Khan is traceable to Afghanistan from a descendant of maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Being the first hit Aamir was trained by Qayamat se Qayamat Tak and he became a sudden sought after by everyone. Since their parents did not consent to their marriage proposal, he planned secret wedding with Reena Dutta, his wife. After 2 children, the marriage hit the rock and finally divorce in 2002. But by 2005, he re-married to Kiran Rao. In 2003, India Government honored Aamir with Padma Bhushan though the offer was rejected by him.Aamir Khan

His first appearance was 1994 in Ketan Mehta’s Holia included in the film was Ashutosh Gowarikes as being part of its cast. He was a friend to Aamir but afterward decided to go on to straight award winning Lagaan. Meanwhile, the production of Mansoor Khans’s Qayamat se qayamat Tak in 1988 which is largely modification of Romeo and Juliet that actually brought Aamir into fame. This film became the sought after by the admirers, hence Aamir became the winner of film fare Best Debut Actor Award. Besides, he got a lot of appointment for this same award up the 1996 when he eventually got it. He released 2 films in 1989. Though Raakh was made for private homes yet his contribution as Aamir Hussain was outstanding so did not go without notice. The other film was love, love, love; it is just the love life of a teenager including Juhi Chawla.

Within a year, Aamir Khan maintain the release of between one or two films, many of such are remarkably very popular, Mahesh Bhatt’sHim Hain Rahi Pyaar Ki in 1993 made him enter into partnership with Juhi Chawla and performed excellently. He similarly entered into another partnership in 1994 with one other Big Khan of Bollywood, salman Khan in Andaz apna Apna. It is full or entertainment for his role in Paja Hindustani, he won the film fare Best Actor Award in 1996. His production of Ashutosh Gowariker’s Lagaan in 2001 as also rewarded as the film fare Best Actor Award.

He was about 4 years break from film eventually produced manal pandey that is “The rising in 2005”. The film was received with mixed feelings. He featured in many other films thereafter and none of these lead to failure.

Aamir Khan first time appearance as Director was in 2007 with Taare Zameen par. Besides he made and also featured in the film over dyslexic. The turn over was very impressive in both home and abroad. The long awaited Ghajini was release on Christmas day in 2008. This film was sold in thousands with unprecedented demand. The 3 idiots that came out in Dora were greeted with demands. However many rose against it.

His next production shall be Delhi Belly with Imran Khan taking the elad. Aamir Khan will be defeated briefly.