Biography – Indian Entrepreneur – Adi Godrej

Adi Godrej Child hood/Education – Adi Godrej was born in business Family. Burjorji Godrej was his father and mother’s name was Jai Godrej. He left India at a tender age of 17 to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was interested in studying the mechanical engineering but he switched to management later on. When he came back to India after completing his studies, Adi Godrej joined the family business. Godrej was into manufacturing locks and vegetable-based soaps before current century. In fact, the Godrej products were the first indigenously manufactured products that replaced the foreign brands from the Indian scene.

Work Life – He had led to the execution of many innovative ideas and eventually systematizes the management structures. He has implemented various process improvements. His efforts led to the progress and growth of Godrej Group to great heights during the economy era. Adi Godrej was credited with the restructuring of many company’s policies for meeting challenges of globalisation. His restructuring processes led to the formation of stand-alone companies by year 2000.

Achievements – Adi Godrej is serving as a Chairman of Godrej Group and he is regarded as the business icon of the Indian Industry. The group rose to great heights under the inspiring leadership of Adi Godrej. His vision and management style is widely appreciated and followed. The group also got involved into the philanthropic activities and Godrej has become the major supporter of the World Wildlife Fund in India. The group has a large property that has been developed into a green business campus at the Vikhroli, Mumbai. It covers the area of 150-acre mangrove forest and also houses a school for the kids of company’s employees. The group has diversified a lot and there are large number of products are selling under Godrej brand today.