Bhagat Singh was born in 1907 at Banga in the Lyallpur district of West Punjab. He was born to the family of Kishan Singh and Didya Vati. Being the oldest son of Ajan Singh and Jai Kaur, the two younger brothers are Ajit Singh and Swaran Singh.

Bhagat Singh finished his elementary education at the village school in Banga and then went for his secondary education at D.A.V High School and later proceeded to D.A.V College at Lahore. While in this school, he came under the tutor age of two of his teachers, Bhai Parmanad and Jai Chand Vidyarlankar. Thereafter, he emerged as the student leader within the village. He established the college students union and went further to join the Indian National Congress although he did not stay long in the congress.Bhagat Singh

With the killings of Ghadarite Kartar Singh Saraba in 1915, the Rowlatt Act as well as Jalliawala Bagh horror of 1919 all brought Lahore a storm centre debate. This prompted Bhagat Singh answer to the call of civil disobedience by Gandhi. Eventually, he graduated from National College in 1923.

Beginning from this date up till the point of killing in 1931, Bhagat Singh remains committed to the freedom of his country of birth. He joined the Akalis and Babbar Akalis in the organization of Morcha at Guruka Bagh in 1923. Still in this year, he registered with Hindustan Socialist republican Association and within a short period of time voted as the secretary general of the central committee. Bhagat Singh was occupied with the job of overseeing the inter-provincial activities of the association. While in 1925, he established the Nav Jawan Sabha at Lahore to impact and ignites the fire of revolution in the youth.

Precisely in1926, Bhagat Singh connived with Kundan Lal and Azad to liberate the inmates of Kakori case even this plan did not succeed. He was arrested and prosecuted for a bomb explosion in Lahore in 1926. At the end he was let go because of lack of genuine proof. While in 1928, the Hinduism socialist republican association made Bhagat Singh the leader of Bhagat Singh. This congress incited the protest against the arrival of all white Simon commission in Bombay on 3rd of February, 1928.

For threw bomb on 8th April, 1929, Bhagat Singh and his contemporary surrendered themselves for arrest. After which they were hanged on 23rd March, 1931 around 7:30 pm. Bhagat Singh and his colleagues were regarded as hero for imparting the fighting spirit into the youths. He can not be described as anarchist rather he was a leader with distinction. He consented with the application of force to advance legal matters. He was socialist as well as a republican. He was very democratic.

Bhagat Singh is happened to be the first Indian revolutionary with slogan. He even review the Urdu paper Kirti from Amristar. He as well reviews the Akali at Amristar. He was a veterian journalist. Ha has contributed to Arjun and Pratap under the umbrella of “Balwant Singh”.