It is very complex to consistently monitor the detail with all carefulness and strong emotion ever channeled in the direction of giving the most appropriate before the camera. Aamir Khan has been in acting and very good at this. By refusing to be influenced by monetary factor while choosing his projects, Aamir Khan has consistently and successfully giving adequate time and consideration to each project he has gone into. His creative and natural effect coupled with focus and persistence at which he tackles each role duty has credited to him effective and reputations from the viewers. Aamir Khan Family is into acting. Whenever it comes to acting, Aamir khan always focus and at alert in every bit of his act.Aamir Khan

The pressure and curiosity for his prompt joining the actor group and starting being an assistance director on Mr. Nasir Hussein’s Manzil Manzil and Zabardast. His love for acting could be traced back to his days in college where he belonged to a theater group known as “Avantor” under director Mahendra Joshi”. Then he served behind the cotton referred to as clearing house.

His prejudice on acting has finally been cleared through the assistance of his cousin and confidant named Mansor Khan. He did not only make him to see his reality of what he is capable of doing in acting he also featured him prominently in his opening movie, Qayamat Se Qayanmat Tak. Through the part he played in alternative cinema-ketan mehta’s Holi, Aamir Khan had ushered himself into movie world, hence he had got used to standing before the camera. He has attractive look and such charisma that can impress the audience.

Aamir khan maintained focus following his introductory advert as regard acting and in popularity. It is very unbelievable that the number of movies release by him is not commensurate with his level of his success and years of experience. Anyway, his previous roles and featuring in those few film will remain evergreen in the mind of majority. He had contributed significantly so many films such as Raakh, Dil, Dil Hain Ki Manta Nabin, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, 1947 Earth, Ghulam, sarfarosh, Dil, Andaaz Apna Apna, hum Hain Rahin Pyaar Ke, Akele Hum Akele Tum, Rangeela, Raja Hindustani, Ishq.

Without doubt, some of his recent films corroborated him as a thinker and a professional star. In ghulam he released in 1998, Aamir Khan as a street smart with Siddharth Marathe who changed from being a dishonest man to a very kind person. Aamir featured as very honest ISP Officer in sarfarosh which came out in 1999. Similarly, Deepa Melita’s 1947 Earth (1999) Aamir was seeing as Dilnavaz that would be remembered for leaving behind himself wounds and bitterness following partition. Considering his versatility, only a handful professional can match his record as regard his creativity. This is found obvious in lagan when Aamir featured as Bhuvan.

In the final analysis, Aamir acted a youthful and determined Akash malhotra in Dil chata hai. This cultism film gave Aamir great acknowledgement.