Beginning from the advertisements of Bollywood superstar that salmon khan’s released, zarine Khan the films star actress has remain a public debate. Whichever way you look at it, zarine’s unexplainable likeness to Katrina Kaul was irresistible. Nevertheless, as zarine Khan is fully prepared for gradual rising in movie industry, it will simply be unfair to insinuate that she is a carbon copy of Katrina. During an extensive interview with zarine khan, we can deduce the way a single phone call gives a turnaround to the life of zarine Khan.Zarine Khan


I was born and bread in Mumbai. In my early days we were living in Santacruz but we are presently living in Bandra. Being an introvert, I had a very humble background yet I was a brilliant students and always being a favorite for all my teachers. My impression academic record prompted my mother to encourage me to go for medicine. Unfortunately, some unexpected financial obstacles coupled with family problems forced me to abandon my academic program.

Young as I was then, I took up upon myself the responsibility of providing the basic needs at home because my parents were seemingly helpless. This financial demand was so overwhelming that I took up a full appointment at the expense of my studies. Considering my nearly 100 kg weight and physical fatness, it had never crossed my mind nor the wildest imagination of my friends that I would one day be an actress. I was simply natural and carefree person, but reality began to tell on me when my family began to experience financial starvation so taking care of my mum and my younger sister became paramount to me. Hence, I began to see the reality of life, abandon sweet and chocolates at the same time concentrate on weight loss by all means securing a high paying job a day dream because I was a school drop-out. As a result, I started modeling, carried out some task with the aim of maintaining the house with the proceeds.

In the course of time while I was modeling, somebody contacted me by phone and requested that I show up at the sets of Yuvvraaj. As a hustler still searching for recognition, I did not bother to query the rationale behind this; rather I obediently found my way to the place. In this venue, opportunity came for me to meet salmon Khan, my long time role model. He agreed an autograph with me but told me that in no time I will be this in his position giving appendix to autographs. I did not take it too serious I was offered veer later. Really I don’t have what it takes to evaluate his acting when one considers his decades of experience with my babyish exposure. He is so wonderful and humbled to the extent that he has never boast of his social status. This is contrary to all the negative comments about him. He really contributed significantly towards the making of user. People always say I look alike with Katrina Kaif but in the real sense, I can’t figure out where we have same identity.

In the final analysis, my favorite period flick is Mughal-e-Azam. Meanwhile, my admirable actress is Rekhaji with her natural beauty and agelessness. As a kid, I fancied Dharmendra simply because of his masculine quality. All the same I am a fan of salmon Khan.