Charlie Chaplin was born on the 16th of April 1889 in London, England. The name of his mother is Hannah Hill Chaplin. She was a gifted singer and an actress. She also knew hoe to play piano but unfortunately spent 90% of her life in mental hospitals. The name of Charlie Chaplin’s father is Charles Spencer Chaplin Sr. despite that he was a successful man, he was a drunkard. Both parents divorced each other, Charlie Chaplin and Sidney who was is step brother were taken to orphanage home where they were maltreated whenever they misbehave. Both of these children could hardly read and write. Charlie Chaplin ran away from school to join entertainer group in which he was later recognized as the comedian.Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin travel on tour to United States in 1910 in “A Night in an English Music Hall”. He was selected to show up in the silent keystone comedy series by Mack Sennett. Through the movie titled “Making a Living, Tillie’s Punctured Romance”, he was able to adjusted his mode of acting and create the role known as “the tramp”.

Charlie Chaplin was able to star in more than 40 movies. With many years spent with Mack Sennett, he discovered that he could not use his talents the way he want. He had to leave the work and here are some of his films when he was working with Mack Sennett:

· His New Job

· The Tramp

· The Champion

All these films were noted for comic and full of sympathetic moments. And here are the films he participated in, in the year 1917:

· One A.M

· The Pilgrim

· The Cure

· Easy Street

· The Immigrant

In 1918, he was able to establish his own studio for production and entered a contract worth of a million with National Films. He produced a film in which he related the Dog’s life with a tramp, Shoulder arms was another film which he produced. Another film production of him was “The Kid”.

In 1923, a movie was produced through the union of Chaplin, D.W.Griffith, Douglas Fairbanks, and Mary Pickford and brought out “A woman of Paris”. After which “The Gold Rush” was produced in 1925 and the Circus was also released in 1928. Charlie Chaplin directed a film titled City Lights in 1931. In 1936, he produces “Modern Times”. Charlie Chaplin also featured in “The Great Dictator” in 1940. With all his experience in the film productions, he became the film director.

Charlie Chaplin was somebody that loves everybody to have equal right in the production of his or her goods and services. Charlie Chaplin does not believe that God exists. Charlie Chaplin dislikes the government that believes to always be in power without given other people a chance. This feeling reflected in him and was revealed to the people that were watching him through his production of “Monsieur Verdoux”. The European loves the film more than the American people.

After five year which was in 1952, Charlie Chaplin came to limelight and during this time the US attorney general rejected his entry into United States and was accused of committing immoral act politically. This make him sold all his properties in /America and settled in Geneva in Switzerland. He got married to Oona O’Neill and was blessed with children.

He died in 25th of December, 1977 in vevey, Switzerland.