Once you have decided about the subject about whose life you are going to portray, the next step is to do proper research about the subject for gathering the information. It is very time consuming part and you need to ensure that your research and judicious fact-checking allows you to get the accurate data from various possible sources.

To do a proper research and collection of relevant information, you will be required to document the sources for footnotes and bibliography. It helps you in managing your information and allows you to check the items that you may have misread.

You should make good use of both the primary and secondary sources for completing your research. You should go for those sources that are credible and have proven record. You should not base your biography from the information contained in the previous blogs about subjects or previous written text.

Biography – Doing Proper Research before Writing You should not rely on the declaration of facts by some author and try to verify the accuracy of the facts from two independent sources prior to including them in your text.

In case you can get the chance of interviewing the person then you should give it top priority as you will get to know about the life of the person directly from himself/herself. The interviews can be done over the phone, email or in person. You should prepare well for gathering all the relevant facts before the interview.

You can also record the in person interviews and phone calls so that you can also use the exact words spoken by the subject.

You should also make it a point to allow the interviewees to read their contributions before publishing the biography. It may help them to add few more interesting comments and events that they may have forgotten earlier.

You should also ensure to get the legal written permission from the subjects regarding using their interviews in the book.