Obviously, geometry has become a vital aspect to the existence of humanity fro the time immemorial. In the day of old, geometry was the yardstick applied to estimate and survey land. As far as human existence, a lot of professionals have suggested ideals and put forward a set of principles, meanwhile Euclid of Alexandria was nicknamed as the father of geometry because of his popular book. The elements “Majorly, the book combine all the past lectures of the renowned mathematicians such as Pythagoras, Hippocratus and many more Great thinkers. Also included in this book are some other Euclid’s own discoveries. As if that is not enough, the said book is particularly attached with high importance in the library of science books ever is the consistency and systematic logic that the findings have been presented.Euclid

Born within the range of 325 B.C in Greece and died around 265 B.C. Euclid most likely came from affluent family because it was widely known that he actually enrolled and finished from the school of Plato in the old Greece. Following his education, he got teaching appointment in Alexandria, Egypt. He was in there when he wrote his popular book “The elements”. There is no enough fact regarding the life of Euclid simply because of inadequate facts at the time and also Euclid was a general name at the period. To buttress this fact Euclid of Alexandria is usually mistaken or confused as Euclid of Megara, another Socratic philosopher. His book “The elements” is what really distinguished Euclid from the rest. Euclidean Geometry is the content of the book and is very useful in the elementary and middle class.

Apart from the Holy Bible, the Elements is the largest reading book across the world. The book is the combination of over 400 ideas and opinions arranged in 13 series. To study plane geometry just go for series 1 to 6 whereas number based on the categories of irrational number. Finally solid geometry is reserved for series 11to 13. The Elements is spread across different parts of Algebra, trigonometry and further mathematics.

Euclid concentrated his geometry on some ideas and opinion as well as discovering some more other theorems regarding these. This book starts with 5 ideas, the number of which mentions that where there are 2 points; a straight line can be drawn across them. the book in question is first publication was 15th century and the sales till date is in millions of copies until 1901, it was an integral part of the school syllabus and even the geometry that was introduced after it still used the principle of Euclid.

It has been discovered by the latest researcher that the 5th postulate declares that just a single line passing through a point and parallel to another line. This was refuted by the 19th century mathematician and that the line could be one or more passing through a point and parallel to a given line. All these flaws put together led to the publication of non-Euclidean geometry.

Some other works of Euclid are data, division of figures phenomena Euclid, and optics. The lost works include purisms, surface loci, pseudaria and conics.

Without doubt, the works of Euclid form as foundation to development of the latest geometry and mathematics.