The biography can be structured in variety of formats and there are no strict rules that are set for writing biography. Most of the time the author only keep in mind that his story needs to be in narrative format and should be interesting enough to engage the audience. There are some formats that are widely practiced for writing biography and it includes the following.

Biography – Format of Writing a Biography (1) Chronological format – This format of writing biography consists of the description of the various events of the person’s life in a particular time order from birth and to youth and in later years. It is easy to follow this pattern as it only requires you to put the gathered information as per the timelines in person’s life.

(2) Themes based chapters – This format is quite unique and such biography comprises of various different sections that are devoted to a particular theme. Some of these themes include the achievements, true loves, mentors, lucky breaks, biggest mistakes, travels, etc.

(3) Free form layout – Biographies that follow the free form layout are usually humorous in tone like the performing arts personalities.

(4) Straight Narrative format – This format is also widely practised where a biography unfolds in the form of a story telling by the author. Some of the sections may have direct Questions & Answers that are obtained during the interview.

Before beginning to writing a biography, you should decide about the format you would like to follow. You should ensure that your format should sound interesting for your readers.

Autobiography – It is different from the biography in a way that it is written in the first person as contrary to the third person in case of biography. It is preferred by those persons who would like to pen down the interesting experiences of their life and share with the world their life. Such persons may not be good writers by themselves, but they can hire a ghost writer for writing their memoirs.