Born on 23rd April 1977 to parents Carol and John Cena, Sr in West Newbury, Massachusetts, John Cena was sent to Cushing Academy and then he attended Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. During his college years, he was a Division III All-American centre on the college football team wearing number 54 which is still used on his WWE merchandise.

John Cena Biography He graduated in 1998 with a degree in physical physiology and pursued a career in body building while also working as a chauffeur for a limousine company. He started his training in the year 2000 at the “Ultimate University” where he used a semi-robotic character once he was placed into an in-ring role.

During his training there, some of his career was documented in the Discovery Channel program ‘Inside Pro Wresting School’. In2001, he signed a contract with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). He held the OVW Heavyweight Championship for three months and OVW Southern Tag Team Championship for two months.

This daring person made his debut on television as an answer to the open challenge of Kurt Angle in 2002. In the first half of 2003, Cena sought the WWE championship by challenging the reigning champion Brock lesner. In 2004, he participated in the Royal Rumble match making it to the final six before being defeated by Big Show.

He again took part in the Royal Rumble match in 2005 and made it to the final two this time. Cena and his contender wrestler Batista went over the top rope but the match was restarted and Cena lost to Batista. During a match with Mr. Kennedy on October 1 2007, he suffered a legitimate torn pectoral muscle while executing a hip toss. He was operated by orthopedic surgeon James Andrews at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

In 2008, he surprised everybody with his return as the final participant of the Royal Rumble Match and won the match by throwing out Triple H. Attacked by the Nexus on several occasions and being defeated by it, he decided to join the group. But his differences with the Nexus were never buried and were forced open again when Cena refused to make a peace treaty with them after they were under a new management.

Apart from wrestling, Cena has also been a part of the movie ‘The marine’ produced by WWE Studios. The film fared moderately at the box office. His second film ‘Rounds’, again by WWE Studios was released in 2009. He also co-starred in his third movie by WWE Productions ‘Legendary’. A favorite among children, he acted in the film ‘Fred: The movie’ which was released in 2010 on Nickelodeon Channel.

He has also been seen in several reality shows on the small screen. Starting with ‘manhunt’ in 2001 and then ‘Fast Cars and Superstars: The Gillette young Guns Celebrity Race’. He was interviewed for the CNN Special Investigations Unit documentary ‘Death Grip: Inside Pro-Wrestling’ and he also hosted the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in 2008. A part of the ‘Make-A-Wish Foundation’, Cena has granted over 300 wishes for Arizona children with life-threatening illnesses. He has also endorsed for various big brands.