Mohammed whose initial name was Halabi was born almost the year 570 A.D in Mecca. His father is called Abdallah from the family of Hashini while his mother is called Amina who came from Zuhra family. His poor father passed away about the time Mohammed was born whereas his mother died when Mohammed was just six years of age. He pitched his tent with his grandfather Abd-Al-Mutallib for 2 years after which the old papa joined his ancestors. Abd talib who is an uncle to Mohammed then brought him to live in his house despite his penury. Of note is that he initially got a minute living by taking care of the flocks of the people living in Mecca. Besides, he occasionally went with his uncle to Southern Arabia and Syria.Mohammed The Prophet

When he was 25 years of age, he got employed by a wealthy widow called Chadidya who is also a flock merchant. This widow though much older than Mohammed woo him to marry her of which Mohammed did not object. Thereafter his social and economic status changed significantly. Mohammed claimed to hear divine instructions at the age of 40 when he was separated on the Itira Mountain close to Mecca.

According to him, he saw Gabriel and gave him a divine commandment to read and to extend the preaching of true religion to the world though writing. All this writing are put together in the book referred to as “Koran”.

The major principle of the Koran categorized into 2 broad teaching “there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his Prophet”. The interpretation of God from Islamic perspective is very similar to that of Christendom belief as long as the 2 see God as the maker of all things in heaven and earth, who rules and preserve everything, no starting point. He is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscience and merciful. However, it is distinct for alluding Jesus Christ as a prophet and apostle even though his birth is supernatural.

When it was 4th year of his divine ideas he has 40 years followers who are mostly slaves and low status people. He claimed that some verses of Koran were made known to him to come out boldly to preach and ignore the criticism and molestation and laughter of the unbelievers. The people of Mecca did not refuse to his activities rather they see him as a writer or fortune teller. Meanwhile, they began to listen to his teaching as his followers are increasing in number. Somehow along the line, the people of Mecca became very apprehensive particularly for the peculiarity of Mecca likely to be objected to by the new teachings. They reasoned that it might deny them their rulership and loss of income from the pilgrimages, hence they in ager to violently resist the new prophets and his faithful that refer to their ancient gods as idolatry and adducing their forefather to be foolish. Where Abu Talib was hiding him Mohammed planed to move to medina since they are likely to warmly receive him.

He fought and fought many wars, wins some and lost some and his followers grew in number. This new teaching was preached to other nations. Many received this and some did not which again led to attack and counter attack. Mohammed’s influence had greatly increased within and outside Mecca. During his last Hegira, he commanded all his followers to abide by the laws and ordinances with emphasis on pilgrimage and pray for them. On returning from ne of the wars, he became brutally sick and finally passed away around midday on Monday 12th of the 3rd month in year eleven of Hegira.