Nelson Mandela is also referred to as Madiba of South Africa. Nelson Mandela was born in Qunu very close to Umtata in Transkei on July 18, 1918. His father held a prestigious post of principal adviser to the then interim paramount chief of Trembuland. At the death of his father Mandela chose to pursue his career as a lawyer with the aim of enhancing the liberation of his people.

His early education being at the neighboring mission school and finishes his school at Headtown in a Wesleyan secondary school. He used to attend the evening class up to the university college of Fort Hare and took a career in the Bachelor of Arts Degree. At a tender age, Mandela had already being voted into student representative council. For his active role in public demonstration, amndel was suspended and had to finish his program by distance learning. He officially registered with ANC as a member in 1942 even as he progressed in Law degree studies.Nelson Mandela

Towards the end of Second World War, Nelson Mandela joined other influential young men of ANC to establish the African National Congress Youth League in 1944, after 3 years of his existence, Mandela was voted as the secretary of their youth league. He organized and contributed immensely to the peaceful protest towards the eradication of racism as well as mandated education for every children. In 1952, Mandela was arrested following his involvement in one of the demonstration. This led to his suspended jail sentence and 6 months confinement to Johannesburg.

In his confinement, he sat for attorneys’ admission qualifying examination and passed successfully, hence he got admitted into legal profession. Both Oliver Thambo and nelson Mandela open their chamber in Johannesburg while he rose to the position of deputy president of the ANC in 1952. The then Government of the day did everything possible to frustrate them out of this city but to no avail. Mandela was banned, arrested and jailed for his hard stand for his people in the 50s.

Despite the ban, ANC continued to operate secretly and nelson Mandela became an outstanding figure. For the fear of arrest, he was separated from his family. In 1961, Umkhonto we Sizwe (spearhead of the nation); the military arm of the ANC was established with nelson Mandela as its C-in-C. He travelled to Ethiopia without permission in 1961 and entered into co-operation with many political leaders in across the countries. On his return, he was arrested and charged with armed struggle, the earned a 5 year imprisonment. As if that was not enough, he was sentenced to life jail and served in various deadly prisons.

Nelson Mandela gained his freedom on February 11th 1990 to the admiration of millions of people across the world. Had he agreed to accept apartheid policy while in prison, he would have been released long ago. Rather, he remained resolute and not a sell-out. Today he is a reference hero to all the freedom fighters and racial discrimination in the entire world. For several years, both ANC and Nelson Mandela was outlawed in South Africa, hence any reference to him in print or verbally attracted jail term.

In 1991, Mandela was elected the president of ANC while his friend, Oliver Thambo rose to the position of ANC’s National chairman. In 1994, the ANC was voted as the first sworn in as the first democratically elected state president while he stepped down in June 1999 and retired from active politics.

However, he divorced his wife Winnie when he was still serving as president. He later married to Graca Machel, a widow on his birthday in 1998.