Archimedes was a Greek mathematician of repute, born in c 287 B.C.E in Syracuse. Although there was inadequate record about him, yet from every indication it is most likely he was born in the seaport city of Syracuse. One Greek dominated area on the island of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. Born by an astronomer referred to as Phidias. Archimedes was as well believed to be very close to both Hieron King of Syracuse and Gelon his son. He attended class in the capital of Alexandria, Egypt in same school owned by Euclid, the great mathematician. Later in his life, he came back to his motherland in Syracuse for permanent settlement.Archimedes

There are various versions to the method by which Archimedes come about his inventions. The most popular informed us the method he used to make open plans to reap-off Hieron. The king in need of golden crown at that time paid to crown maker the actual of value of required gold. Hieron believed that many silvers were mixed with Gold even though the crown gold still weighs same. As a result he gave the assignment to Archimedes to thoroughly look into the issue. As Archimedes was thinking about the task as he was approaching a bathtub, he came to realize that the quantity of water overflowing the tub was consistently related to the quantity of his total body being dipped into water. From there he had the insight to the solution to the task at hand. He became so happy that was jubilating along the road with cloth.

Archimedes could have possibly identified the quantity of silver in the crown using various methods. One of such possibility is what is now known as Archimedes principle. It emphasizes that a body dipped side a fluid is floated up by a force corresponding to the weight of fluid drawn out of place by the body. In application, it is possible he initially took two equal weights of gold and silver measure their relative weights when dip inside water. There after measure the weight of the crown and are same weight of undiluted silver in water with same process. The remainder of the two measurements implies that the crown was not exactly gold.

Archimedes was able to fight for his home city when they were invaded by the Romanians through his discovery of heavy stones that could hurl objects known as Archimedes’ catapult. This principle chased thee Romanian forces back to the land. With all the effort made by the Archimedes, Syracuse still gave up to Romans. Also Archimedes was able to discover the water crew when he was in Egypt. He also made a discovery in which he saw a big shape in form of circle and its movement looks like that of the moon, sun, earth and the other five existing planet.

Archimedes was the one that detect the pi value. Also he was able to make known a better way of representing big numbers in which before his invention alphabetical letters had been used instead. Archimedes died on 212 B.C.E in Syracuse.