Asin Thottumkal was born on 26th of October, 1985 in Cochin, Kerala, India. Her father is known as Joseph Thottumkal, a business man while her mother is Seline by name and a surgeon by profession. She obtained her primary education at Naval Public School in Cochin and proceeded to register in St. Theresa’s higher Secondary School. Following the completion of her education, she yet registered in St. Theresa’s college in progress of her study in the school of Arts. The moment she graduated with B.A English Literature, she gave her dad some helping hand in his business in combination with her modeling vision. This gave her some insight into business world which later turned out to be a valuable asset in her life and career. Part of her modeling task consists of Colgate Toothpaste and Fairever Cream.Asin

The became noticeable with this expression and made her first public appearance with the help of director Sathyan Anthikad’s “Narendaran Matan” including Malayalyek actor Kunjachako Boban. Following her previous outstanding appearance, telugu movies was giving to her, hence enthusiastically received her in the Telugu film industry. The process of changing from Telugu to Jamil with the film “M Kumaran s/o mahalakshmi” was without difficulty. As featured in the real telugu version as a result she became apparently the most suitable for the Tamil redo, facing jeyan Ravi. This movie was remarkably successful. Besides, her charming appearance, Asin actually performed brilliantly in the Tamil film industry because she was able to join forces with every other outstanding character such as Vijay, Ajith, Surya as well as Vikram in “maja”.

She is a gifted multi-lingual. She can successfully speak English, French, Hindi, Sanskirt, Tamil, Malyalam Telugu and possibly the single Indian actress that runs a blogspot in French. She is found to be energetically featured in very many formal social events all over the Southern India. Her parents deserve commendation for given her proper training. As a teenager, she won entrepreneur award. She likes reading coupled with her functioning library.

In preparation for her first public appearance in Bollywood movies, she had relocated in company of her parents to one apartment in Lokhandwala complex in Andheri Mumbai. Ever since she experienced fame and wealth at tender age in Indian regional movies, it is most likely to see more of this in her in Bollywood.

In 2007, Asin passed 2 from the 3 assignment before her when Pokiri and Vel performed well while Aalwar did not line up to expectations. Kamal Hassan’s spectacular entertainment Dasavatharam in 2008 has to be a huge success with Asin featuring Kothai Radha and Andaal. That very year, she made her first featuring in Bollywood with preference to Hindi version of Ghajini with Aamir Khan as a lead performer. Vipul Shah’s London Dreams which was produced in 2009 also prominently feature her in company of actor salmon and Ajay Devgan. Asin was nicknamed Queen of Kollywood and she is 1.63 meters tall. Indeed she is very impressive model.