Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii in United State of America. His mother being a white American was name Ann Dunham and his father, a Kenyan citizen was called Barack Obama Sr. Barack Obama remained with his mother after his father left for Harvard and finally to his motherland where he was appointed as economist to Kenyan government. Barack Obama lived largely in Hawaii with his grandparents in a small apartment. Somehow, Barack Obama got admitted into Punahou School which is Hawaii top prep academy.Barack Obama

He gained admission into Columbia University but realized that the racial discrimination in New York was unavoidable, for 3 years he volunteered to be a neighborhood organizer for a small Chicago church based in Chicago. In 1990, he gained admission to study law in Harvard while in 1990 he emerged as the first Afro-American editor of the Harvard law review. After graduation, he rejected the reputable judicial clerk position but rather opted to civil law practitioner in Chicago. On many occasion, he offered free legal services to the victims of housing and employment discrimination as well as working on voting right legislation.

In addition, he started lecturing at the university of Chicago law school and got married to Michelle Robinson, also a lawyer by profession. Finally, he was voted to the Illinois state senate with the two Hyde Park and many poorest ghettos on the South as his constituent. Precisely in the year 2004, Barack Obama was voted to the US senate as a Democrat to represented Illinois. His impactful address commanded a standing ovation at Democratic National Convention Boston and this brought him to national focus. He contested for president in 2008 and won even though he was only 4 years into national political experience. Finally, he was sworn in as the 44th United State of America President. History revealed that Barack Obama is the first African-American origin to ever occupy that prestigious position.

In one of his campaign speech before his final election, he maintained that he will bring war in Iraq to a complete end and return all troops back home within one to one and a half years. He pledged to shut Guantanamo prison and reinforce habeas corpus. He said he would complete the war against al Queda at same time spearhead the war against Nuclear weapon and terrorism, climate change and poverty, genocide and disease.

The trade mark of Barack Obama is that whenever he was going for casual visitation in the public, he used to roll the sleeves of his shirt and be part of those people doing site job. He has two daughters named Malia Obama which was born in 1998 and the other one is Sasha Obama who was born in the year 2001. Barrack Obama was a smoker before he quitted based on Michelle Osama’s suggestion prior his campaign. Barrack Obama is a die hard Chicago white sox fan. Barrack Obama is the first American president that originated from Hawaii by birth.