Bill Gates being among the highly influential personality on the earth surface is a joint founder of one of the best known products in the computer world with almost all table products in the computer world with almost all table top computer using a minimum software program belonging to Microsoft. Going by the report of Forbes magazine, Bill Gates is adjudge to be the richest man in the world and he maintained the topmost position for several years. Born and bread in Seattle Washington USA, his father is called William H. Gate and his mother referred to as Mary Maxwell Gate. Bill Gates

Gate attended lakeside exclusive secondary school in his early days. He also studies at Harvard University in the 1973 from where he developed with Paul Allen Togetherness the research on the programming language called BASIC. Bill Gate was too zealous in his vision that he had to abandon his studies in his junior year to begin what is now reputed as the biggest computer software across the Globe.


Following his drop out from the prestigious Harvard University, Bill Gates team up with his business associate began realistic preparation for the complete overhauling in computer world. Bill Gates envisions each family and every office having at least one computer. He took a giant towards this in 1975 when Microsoft Company was incorporated. Microsoft actually came into a limelight with the introduction of MS-DOS computer operating system which Bill Gates got licensed to IBM. He made spirited effort to secure the royalties due to him from the computer software. What really led to the huge landmark turnover was the resistance mounted against software piracy by Bill Gates. In the year 2008, he effectively retired as chief executive officer of Microsoft.


Despite his great achievements and affluence, he was not spared of criticism. Bill Gates and the legal team of Microsoft are ever entangled in one case or the other. Microsoft monopolistic approach in ensuring its dominance in all market it ventures into. It does this by either buying up the already establish companies in the market or through rigorous business strategies. This has led into legal battle by some of the technological giants such as Apple computer, WordPerfect, opera and sun Microsystems against Microsoft company.


Considering his calculated wealth of $53 billion as far back as 2006, Bill Gates is widely regarded as the wealthiest man on the planet earth and the position of which he has consistently occupied for many years. Even Forbes business magazine confirmed that Bill Gates is leading while others are coming far behind.


To express his generosity, he established a charitable foundation reputed to be one among the equals. With the endowment of above $28 billion, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is donating far above $1 billion yearly. This foundation was established in year 2000 following the merger between Gate Leasing Foundation and William H. Gates Foundation. It has the objective of bringing innovation in both health and learning to the global village.


Bill Gates was given a honorary knighthood from the queen f England in 2005. This is in recognition for his meritorious services towards the reduction of poverty and enhancing health in the 3rd world countries. KBE order of British Empire is recognized as the second best order to endow anyone.