Che Guevara birth certificate said he was born on the June 14, 1928. This was contrary to his original date of birth which supposes to be a month earlier than that, which is 14th May, 1925. Culturally, Che Guevara was a good image to the whole world. Che Guevara is a statue of a holy person who is always working in contrary to the oppressed people.

Che Guevara as born in Rosario in Argentina. Che Guevara was the eldest of his father’s children. Che is his nickname when he was in school. “Che” means “friend” in South America language. She Guevara studied medicine in University of Buenos Aires. He graduated in 1953. After his graduation, his life was never the same again. Che Guevara could not bear it as Fulgencio batista afflicting Cuba. Therefore Che Guevara abandons his medical field and entered Fidel Castro forces. After joining Fidel Castro forces, they moved over the Caribbean in 1956 through Grandma Yatch and fought against The Sierra maestro and subdue them.Che Guevara

Che Guevara was always original at war. Later, he became The Commander of Fidel Castro forces. Che Guevara particularly loves to torture, killing of traitors and the informants. He always carried out execution by himself. He wrote a book named Guerilla warfare. This book contains how the guerilla warfare was on for more than 2 years, the record of how uneven groups could conquer the governmental armed forces that are well organized through the drum support from just ordinary street man. For you to conquer an oppressor, then you must be willing to do so. Then people began to gang up against Che Guevara. Little by little, the Cuba battle turned around from ouster of Batista to social and economic development of the country which made Che Guevara think of reducing the size of the landlords. Che Guevara strongly believe in the phrase of Zapatista that says, “L and for those who work it” Che was nominated as the industrialization program of National Agrarian Reform Institute’s director in October 7th, 11959. He left the job for National Bank of Cuba when he came to know the importance of monetary funding to revolution. He made some adjustments on the fundamental level of the banking system. His major objective was to establish controls on the foreign currency reserves that came up in Cuba.

In 1965, he left his job and led a revolution against president Rene Barrientos in Bolivia. Guerrilla warfare started again in Bolivia jungles and because Bolivian army knew all Che Guevara’s tactics through all the training they had received from foreign military professionals. They are ready for whatever tactics Che Guevara wants to use.

At the age of 39, Che Guevara was executed in Vallengrande. He was tied to a board of one old school house. He made a last statement to the firing squad that “shoot, coward, you are only going to kill man” he was a lion in Latin America for years. Che Guevara was immortalized globally. He is a freedom and liberty symbol.