Jackie Chan whose real name is Chan Kong-Sang was actually born in April 7th, 1954 in Hong Kong. Despite the biting effect of China’s communist revolution which was not relatively and fairly favorable for the entire Chan family reason being that his both parents were under the service of the French ambassador. While his father served as a cook, his mother was a housemaid.Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan had at one time or the other demonstrated this strength prowess to the extent that he was nicknamed as “Pao-Poa” by his parents because he was in the habit of rolling himself here and there. Academically, he was not sound while in school yet he was fond of fighting. For effective use of time, Jackie Chan registered him in the China Drama Academy and he was popularly known as Yuen Lo. While in this school, Jackie Chan surpassed his colleagues both in training and perseverance resulting from punishments. It is noteworthy to state that a lot of characters in Hong Kong today are the product of the academy.

In the course of time, the handwriting is on the wall that not everyone can watch opera, so some years after, Jackie Chan noted to calve a niche for himself. To ensure that his parents were not disappointed, he misinformed his parents he has a contract with one studio while in actual fact he was a salary job in a reputable Shaw Bros Studio as a junior boy.

As good money began to enter Chan’s pocket, he got exposed to alcoholic and gambling. As more and more former opera are increasingly flooded the movie industry, work was no more flowing as usual. But on personal recognition, Jackie Chan still got some work even though larger part of his time was devoted to drinking. As fate would have it, he met and settled scores with his old friend rival, Sammo Hung. Coincidentally; it was same period when Yuen Bian just came back from Los Angeles. Even though Jackie Chan had already established himself as the most suitable stuntman in Hung Kong but his ultimate intension is to become a Hero. His first opportunity came and he grabbed it without hesitation. Little Tiger of Canton (Aton Snare Fist Fighter) happened to be his first exposure as a hero with a stage name Yuen Lung.

Jackie Chan ended up signing for one small Sa Di Studio. The two movies he produced at Da Di were below average. This is not too encouraging for any promising movie star. In 1995, Jackie Chan film titled “Rumble in the Bronx” was produced purposely for United States and Hong Kong audiences. Jackie Chan came out as the global star at the end of the day. At the mid of Jackie Chan’s age, he was at the crossroad thinking of what to do whether to focus on the comedy or to continue what gives him publicity. But it is the time that will decide on his destiny but Jackie Chan will always be Jackie Chan.