Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also called Mahatma Gandhi came into this world on the 2nd of October, 1869 into the family of Hindu Modh family in Porbana-dar Gujarat, India. The name of his father is Karamchand Gandhi and he was the chief Minister of Porbanadar city while his mother was bearing Putlibai and she was the 4th wife. With the support of his parents, Gandhi got married at a tender age of 13 to Kasturbai Makhanji and the marriage produced 4 sons. During his lifetime, he did not indulge in eating meat, alcoholic and promiscuity.Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi graduated in law in 1891 from University College, London and was called into the bar of England. Few years later he secure job opportunity with an Indian firm in South Africa coincidentally, he was the apartheid era in the country. He was subjected to various racial discrimination, yet he established Nathan Indian Congress in 1894. Few years after, Gandhi became the first non white lawyer to be called into bar in South Africa.

In the peak of apartheid war in South Africa as a stretcher barer, Gandhi arranged the Indian ambulance corp. numbering 300 volunteers to treat the injured blacks in South Africa. By inciting this fellow Indian to defy the law and endure the attendant punishment coupled with his hard stand against apartheid, he was sent to jail many times. Nevertheless, Gandhi mobilizes Indians in support of Britain during the First World War.

Gandhi became a nationalist and a force to reckon within Indian clamoring for independent. He mobilizes his faithful to resist unpopular policies of the British subsequently, he was jailed and even while in person, and he was unyielded. He manifested this through his various speed and refusal to eat in prison. After he had been released, he champions the course of independent as well as inciting populace against the use of British goods. This and much other resistance approach of his lead him to beg a jail team of 2 years between 1922 and 1924 again.

Besides, in protest Gandhi made his popular “satyagraha” (truth persuasion) between March 12 and April 6, 1930. As part of this protest, he led uncountable Indian to about 400 kilometer match to register their displeasure against the British salt monopoly and salt tax. More than 60,000 of Indian were sent to various jail term and many more were killed as a result of the match. After pressure upon pressure, the British Government had no choice than to sign a part to free all the prisoners.

Mahatma Gandhi died through the gun shot he had thrice on his way to a prayer meeting in 30th January, 1948. The hired killer were detected, convicted and executed after a year that he has died. Mahatma Gandhi was burn to ashes and his ashes were distributed among the Indian states for them to scatter it in their rivers. Mahatma Gandhi remaining ashes were buried in Raj Ghat close to Delhi in India. Mahatma Gandhi ashes could also be found in Los Angeles at Lake Shrine.