Michael Joseph Jackson was born on the August 29th, 1958 in Gary Indiana. He occupied the 7th position out of the 9 children in the family. The music carrier of Michael Jackson actually started when he was 5 years old being the lead singer of Jackson 5 established in 1964. Even though these boys set out at a tender age, they entertained at the local clubs as well as bars in Gary, Indiana. As they get more matured and experienced, so grew were their potential to complete with any established museum at anytime.

Bobby Taylor and the Vancouver’s spot out Jackson 5 in 1968 and they wee auditioned for berry Gordy that owned motowa records. Thereafter, the Jackson entered into contract with Motown and went to California. All their first 4 singles that the US No.1 hits are “I want you back”, “I will be there”,”ABC”, and “The love you save”. In all, Jackson 5 made a total recording of 14 albums while Michael on his own recorded 4 solo albums within Motown.Micheal Jackson

In 1976, Jackson 5 decided to sign a new contract with Epic because they reason that they needed more flexibility. This made them to choose a new name called “The Jacksons because Jackson 5 is the legal right of Motown Brother Jermaine decided to stay put with Motown because he had married to Berry Gordy’s daughter. Randy the youngest immediately replaced the vacuum created by Jermaine and all together produced 6 albums from 1976 to 1984.

Michael Jackson was motivated to release his first fifth debut as he joined hands with Quincey Jones being his producer for his solo album with Epic records. This album was tilted “off the Wall” turned out to be a huge success across the continents. This is the reputed to be the first record breaking album.

In 1982, Michael Jackson came out with an album called “Thriller”. Record revealed that this album is the world’s largest selling which create 7 hit singles and more than 50 million copies was sold across the world. Besides, the performance of Michael on the Motown 25 year’s anniversary show undoubtedly turned him into the class of superstar. He was voted the best record breaking 8 Gramming award in one night in 1984. Finally he separated from the group on 9th of December 1984.

The album titled “Bad was released by Michael Jackson in 1987 being his 3rd solo album followed by a ground breaking solo world tour ever. He wrote his first autobiography in 1988. For his unprecedented success in Thriller and Bad albums, he won the Artist of The Decade award.

By 1991, Michael Jackson entered a new contract with Sony music popularly known as the largest ever recording contract with the release of his 4th solo album referred to as “Dangerous”. In 1992, he went on the 2nd world tour to countries he had never been to. In addition he established the “Heal the World Foundation” towards the betterment of the lives of children worldwide.teh 5th album history was released in 1995.

His first marriage to Lisa Marie Presley lasted in 1994 only one year and seven months. In 1996, he married for the 2nd time to Debbie Rowe and this produce 2 children. He celebrated his 30th anniversary in September 2001. In 2001, album “Invincible” was released. By 2003, “One more chance” came out.

Michael Jackson died on 25th of June 2009 at the age of 50.