She was born on January 17, 1964 in Chicago. Although her father died in 1990 just 2 years prior to her marriage to Osama . Meanwhile, her mother is still living in same age long one bedroom apartment well fortified with burglary proof.

Following her successful completion of her high school, she proceeded to Princeton University to study sociology and graduated with cum laude honors in 1985. She went further to Harvard University and got a degree in Law in 1988. This implies that she graduated one year before her fiancée and paradoxically, they have not yet met even though were in same law department.Michelle Robinson Obama

Michelle secured job appointment in a down town Chicago law firm. Fortunately in 1989, she was instructed to tutor a summer associate from Harvard called Barack Obama. Report had it that Obama was more in love with Michelle than the corporate law she was to impact him. Expectedly, she refused the offer from Obama for one: they work in same office. Two: Obama was a trainee and lastly she saw herself as superior in hierarchy. Since love can hardly be resisted, so they legally became couple on October 18, 1992. Despite waiting for 7 years, they eventually have their first daughter on July 4, 1999 named Malia Ann Obama and Natasha, 2 years after (June 10th, 2001).

In reality, Michelle’s professional connections were of immense assistance when Obama was aspiring to vie for the United States Senate even though he was already a state senator. He was to contest against many Democratic Party’s most influential clique in the primary. Fortunately, Obama had the confidence of the powerful black business tycoons, a lot of whom incidentally pick interest in Obama because of his wife.

Following the victory of Obama to the United State Senate, the two couple decided to ensure that their children remain in Chicago so that Michelle can keep up with her profession. They confirmed this to have been one of their best decision as the family as more compacted and strong. The entire family worship at Trinity United Church of Christ every Sunday.

It has been proved time and again that Michelle has successfully combined the role of a mother, career woman and being the wife of a politician. While she was being trailed in 2004 News week Magazine tumbled on to-do list for her two daughters. Indeed Michelle has a very tight schedule considering her career and home front, no wonder she maintains a to-do list. Meanwhile, she acknowledges the gratitude from her husband.

Going through the resume of Michelle, it is interesting to discover that:

· She was a former associate dean at the University of Chicago

· She is a member of Board of Directors in the reputable Chicago Council on Global Affairs

– The University of Chicago laboratory Schools

– The Tree House Foods

· She was a vice president, community and External Affairs duties in this office was to take care of all programs and initiative that concerns the interaction between the hospitals as well as the community in addition to the hospitals as well as the community in addition to the hospital management’s business diversity program.