Writing a musician biography is a challenge as it should highlight his works and achievements in a creative manner along with his varied personal experiences of work and performances. Before starting to write a biography of a musician you should determine the format you are going to use. You may either present the various events related to the subject in chronological fashion or divide your work into various sections where each such section is based on the personal life, performances, influences, work and effects on society and others.

You may follow the below mentioned guidelines for writing a musician biography.

Writing a Musician Biography You should collect all the relevant information about the musician from various available sources. Some of the reliable sources of information comprises of birth and death records, magazine and newspaper archives, diaries, photographs, and in-depth interviews and other written text about the musician. You can also check the progress of the musician’s life at various stages and trace how the subject has evolved into an accomplished musician.

You should also try to conduct interview with people who are close to the musician and it may include musician parents, wives/ husbands, relatives, friends, producers, other artists and many others. You should try to understand the musician as a person and try to find out the various facts that trigger them emotionally and what the things that have influenced their music are. You can carry a tape recorder during your interview to ensure that you do not miss anything.

You should also watch the videos and recording of the musician as a performer. It helps you in understanding the musician as a person. You can get the details like how he used to practise or prepare for the big performances and other things.

You should combine all the interviews, personal perspective, information, photographs, into the biography manuscript. Once you are done writing your biography, you should ensure to get it proof read by the experts and edit it thoroughly before sending it for publication.