Osama Bin Laden was born in 1957 out of the totaled 52 children of the highly influential multimillionaire Saudi business magnate, Osama occupies 17th position. He attended Saudi university and participated in the bin laden group belonging to the family. At the death of his father in 1968, his share of inheritance runs to millions.Osama Bin Laden

Osama bin laden was actually a Mujahedeen that engaged the Russian Forces in a war for invading Afghanistan. He came into a limelight for his significant contribution in arm supply as well as financial assistance given to the Taliban which eventually forced the Russians to leave in-a-hurry. When he had successfully chased the Russians out of Afghanistan, he then began to engage the United States with the killing of several US Soldiers at the beginning. Somehow in the process, he extended the killings to the harmless American civilians that ultimately led to the killings 8 uncountable numbers. He did not stop there; he aimed at some Muslim Countries 2003 which resulted in the death of hundreds of civilian. In same year, he destroyed a lot of structures and buildings even in Saudi Arabia. For becoming a terrorist, his popularity waned among the Muslim World.

Besides, he exploited his family influences and affluent to gather support for the Afghan resistance fighters and supplied them with logical and humanitarian aid in addition to his physical participations in the war. It was on record that the United States channeled $3 billion through the CIA to aid the Afghan resistance during the 1980s. This is in addition to the ammunition and technical supports for Osama and his loyalists. All these fortified Osama and the Afghans which eventually led to Russian embarrassing withdrawals. Meanwhile, towards the end of the war, the extremely powerful bin laden put all the former fighter under an umbrella called al Qaeda or “the base”.

He went back to Saudi Arabia after the war to pick appointment in the family construction company. Osama bin laden then teamed up with the perceived enemies of the ruling Saudi monarch popularly referred to as the Fahd family. He was protesting the occupation of Saudi to attack Iraq during the Gulf war. The South government formerly stripped Osama bin laden of his citizenship in 1991 and he left India while his entire asset in Saudi were frozen.

Being the leader of al Qaeda, Osama bin laden effectively teamed up with many other extremist organizations in Egypt, Iran, Sudan, Yemen Saudi Arabia and Somalia going by the United State report on many occasion, Osama bin laden has openly through electronic media called for the mass killing of Americans and destruction of its structures across the world. Besides, he is quick to claim responsibility for various bomb attack or murder in the past.

Osama bin laden is said to be running a training camps in Afghanistan and Yemen where he lured and train his followers the use of arms and the acts destruction. Undoubtedly he lives in complicated caves around Afghanistan and coupled with many other strategies he has been successfully evade arrest. For his inability to physically featured video for a relatively long period, many believed he might have being killed in many of the US operations in Afghanistan. Other report has it that he is alive hale and healthy. Whatever may be the case, al Qaeda is waxing strong in its installations ad attacks yet it maintains that more and more attacks should be expected by the United States.