Pythagoras was born on the c.575 B.C.E on the island of Samos which was off Greece in the Mediterranean Sea. Pythagoras was born by Mnesarchus. He was a Greek philosopher, a scientist and religious scholar.

He went to school in Greece and fled to Southern Italy in order to be saved from the cruel government of Polycrates that enthrone on 538 B.C.E. when they came to power, Pythagoras was in Egypt and Babylon.

When Pythagoras got to Croton in Southern Italy, he set up a school for the sector that he freshly formed. He became politically powerful that he joined local government so that he can train people and lead them to pure life through his teachings. At the gathering of this sector, a rival group rose against him and were almost scattered and destroyed. Pythagoras neither left Croton nor forced to leave when he was killed in Metapontum at the early of 5th century B.C.E.Pythagoras

Pythagoras and his group have contributed greatly to science and religion. Pythagoras based his teaching on metempsychosis which means that soul do not dies and ahs been assigned to birth of recycling till it is capable to beat liberty by itself from the cycle through life purity. His system was in contrast to other philosopher system in the sense that it was based on the entire life way that could be either resulted to salvation or delivery from sin despite that there is no proof to display that soul could be raised in plant form or animal form.


Pythagoras stated mathematically that the oddness and evenness of numerals are equivalent to limited and unlimited or single and many or right and left or male and female or boy and girl or straight and crooked, light and darkness or motionless and movement or good and bad. Pythagoras also discover a theorem after is known Pythagoras theorem despite that it has been discovered by writing it in a stone during the Babylonian king. Hammurabi that died in c.1750 B.C.E. Pythagoras and his followers did great work on an aspect of mathematics.

Due to Pythagoras studies on mathematics and religions built up a cosmology. This is the study of structures of the universe. He and his followers saw the earth being spherical and moved round the middle of the universe. But there was no record on which of the theory is named through Pythagoras. Through his mathematical knowledge with his followers, he was able to make history in the thought of the Western. Also his religious teaching and his self discipline and being devoted make him to be a great teacher of religion in the old Greek world. Pythagoras set up some influential mathematical and some theories on philosophy which makes great impact on people today even on those students of these days that did not know Pythagoras in person but just hearing his name through mathematical aspect. Pythagoras is a great scientist and philosopher that makes a great heart felt impact on people both religiously and on personal life. He died in c.495 B.C.E at Metapontum.