Saddam Hussein was born on the 28th day of April 1937 in a nearby village to Tikrit in Iraq. He lost his father before he was born. Also his mother died immediately after he was born. Saddam Hussein was adopted by his uncles most especially Khairalla Talfah who was a retired army officers. Khairalla Talfah was a role model to Saddam Hussein.

In 1956, Saddam Hussein moved to Baghdad in his uncle’s house. He joined the strong Arab nationalist warming up the Iraq on Suez war. He became one of the members of Arab Ba’th Socialist party in 1957 in which that was established in 1947. This party was a social system in which government provides goods and services. Since then, all his career and life were on the Ba’th party. Saddam Hussein

In 1959, he attempted a coup-de-tat on the Iraq’s president Major General Abdul Karim Qasim but not succeeded. Saddam Hussein fled for his life to Syria and late went to Egypt despite that he was injured during the torture after been arrested for the coup. He stayed there till the year 1963 and then moved on with is political career and watching the movements, strategies and the politics performed by Gamal Abdel Nasser who has been there between the years 1918 to 1970.

In 1963, Qasim government was conquered and overthrown by Nasserite group and Ba’thist officers in Iraq and this cause Saddam Hussein to come back to his home country. In this same year, Saddam Hussein got married to Khairalla Talfah’s daughter called Sajida. In 1966, Saddam Hussein joined the Iraqi branch’s regional command and restructure Ba’th party in order to prepare himself for power at the second time.

In 1968, Ba’th party overthrow through the interim revolutionary command council (RCC) where Ahmad Hasan al-Bakr chosen as president and Saddam Hussein was the vice president in the year 1969. Saddam Hussein was a good manipulator and survivor that ruled Iraq behind the scenes while the actual president was operating outward in 1969 and 1979.

In 1970s, there was improvement of medical facilities and school and illiteracy is swept off in Iraq. Internationally in 1972, Iraq was able to enter agreement with the Soviet Union by signing a treaty of alliance. Iraqi has been unfriendly to Israel and West apart from France. After the regime of Anwar Sadat, Iraqi spare Egypt. Al-Bakr resigned on 16th July 1979 and Hussein become president of Iraqi Republic.

Between 1979 and 1980, the relationship between Iran and Iraq cut off. In September 1980, war started till late 1980s between Iran and Iraq. Iraq received support from Kuwait, Egypt and Saudi Arabia through military aid and financially Saddam Hussein regime was brutal and everybody in the nation was afraid of him because of his terrorist act. In 1980s, Saddam Hussein started using chemical as weapons on Kurds which entails gassing Kurdish town of Halabja and this act destroyed 5000 people in March 1988. In 1990, Kuwait was invaded by Iraqi troops and United States came to their aid in the Persian Gulf War.

Saddam Hussein fled to Baghdad on March 19 2003 when Iraq was attacked. Later in December 13 2003, Saddam Hussein was found by the US forces in al-Dwar very close to Tikrit in a hole and was executed by hanging after a trial on December 30th 2006.