Steve Jobs is a chairman, chief executive officer and joint foundation of Apple incorporation, one of the leading manufacturer of electronic devices consisting but not limited to mackintosh computer (MAC), iPod, iPhone, music as well as video software itunes. In addition, he was the CEO of Pixar Animation Studio till the time it was bought over by Disney in year 2006. Without doubt, he is reputed to be business mogul and sales genius yet Steve Jobs is actually respected for some of creative electronic under the trademark of Apple.Steve Jobs

He was born in San Franscisco to the family of Joanne Carole Schieble and a Syria nationality, Abdulfattah John Jandali but Paul and Clara Jobs later adopted him. In a town called Cupertino, he enrolled at the Cupertino middle school and progressed to Homestead H.S thereafter. His early days were lived in South Bay area, a region referred to as Silicon Valley. While he was in high school, Steve got a summer job at the Hewlett-Packard Company in Palo Alto before he got admission into college. The relationship between Steve and Wozniak started because he was receiving a coaching at same time working at HP.

Steve Jobs definitely spent almost half a year in Reed College in Portland Oregon, he latter left for California in 1974 and started coming to the meetings of Homebrew Computer Club with Wozniak his long time friend. In order to be financially prepared for the spiritual retreat in India, he took up a job appointment in Atari. During this period, he realized that one well known whistle refined the tones required to make far distance calls with AT&T.

Steve Jobs finally teamed up with Wozniak on other projects and made him see why he should market a computer Wozniak had constructed for self use. Even though the business began with printed circuit boards, but Apple incorporation came alive in 1976. The first private computer manufactured by both of them is called Apple I and got it sold at the Price of $666.66. This was followed by Apple II while Apple Inc that first made its public offer in December 1980.

The highly remarkable mackintosh came into existence in 1984 as the first personal computer with using graphical user interface (GUI). Steve Jobs left Apple in May 1985 because of consistent rancor within the organization and registered his own company called NEXT in 1986. As time went by, the company concentrated on software production and it sprang up as a playmaker in the invention of email and World Wide Web.

In 1996, Apple acquired NEXT and reappointed Steve as the chief executive officer. Presently, his salary per annum is $1; meanwhile, he is entitled to many other tax friendly benefits as compare to his salary. He contributes significantly to the growth of Apple from the brink of collapse in the 1990s and nurtured it to the enviable status we are seeing today. Apart from assisted to form the new electronic departments he singlehandedly produce the iPod, iPhone and some more personal tools.