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Writing a Biography


A biography is a document that contains the detailed account of a person’s life. It highlights the story of a person’s life. The Biographies can be short comprising of only few sentences, or they can be very big to cover an entire book or a series of books. The short biographies are intended for telling the basic facts related to the person’s life and their importance in the society. While the longer biographies highlight the basic information with in depth coverage of person’s life and experiences.

Writing a Biography Biographies comprise of analysis and interpretation of the events occurred in the person’s life. They contained the in depth description of the various interesting events, unexpected actions, mysteries, accomplishments or life activities. Biographies are written about the popular or infamous people. However, a biography of a particular person tells us a lot about the living or dead celebrities. Usually the format of biography is such that it is written like a story of the person’s life that begins from the birth and then move forward with passage of time. The events that occurred in the person’s life are presented in the chronological order. It also focuses a lot around some important event in person life and based on a particular theme as well. It targets specific topics or accomplishments.

There are primary and secondary resources used by the biographers for writing the biography. The primary sources comprise of letters, diaries, or newspaper accounts and the secondary source include histories, biographies, reference books, that offer the information about the person in detail.

To begin writing a biography you should choose a person whom you are interested in. You should gather as much information as possible about the person from various primary and secondary sources available. You should find about the basic facts of the person’s life by looking into the encyclopedia.

You should find the answers to the following questions related to the profile of the person.

What makes this person special or interesting?

What examples from their life illustrate those qualities?

What events shaped or changed this person’s life?

What kind of effect did he or she have on the world?

You should prepare a detailed list of questions and then start finding the answers to them. Once you have the sufficient information in place, you can start writing a biography.

Tips for Writing Biography


Biography of a person is basically a multi-layered look at various influences and aspects of person’s life that had determined his course of action and shaped his decisions. It includes the effects of subject’s successes and failures on the people, culture and society. It highlights the events related to subject’s life that resonates with modern feelings.

You need to take care of the following guidelines before beginning to write biography.

Tips for Writing Biography (1) Your subject should have sufficiently interesting and enlightening life experiences that can engage the prospective readers.

(2)You should look out for various stories related to person’s life like behind-the-scenes philanthropy, struggle against the challenges of a life /accident, inventing something to bring the welcome change in people’s life and others.

(3)You should plan out your biography in such a way that it should take into account the interests and curiosity level of the target demographic. You should also study the already published material about the person to know what is missed out or how much has already been known to the audience.

(4) You should try to project the life of the person from a new perspective if previous author have already written a lot about your subject.

(5) In case you are writing about someone who is not much known then you can simply put subject’s life according to the historical events and individuals. Here you can focus more on the event, time or period where the subject has done something phenomenal to trigger his or her significant accomplishments.

(6) You should try to study the existing biographies for getting a better idea about the way of writing and also get to know how one can use the photographs, maps, and other visual aids for supporting the text.

(7) You can also decide about a time line and determine the sections you are going to write and how much text it would contain.

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